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Another Rainy Day

In honor of the horrible rainy weather and of 4/20 for those of you that celebrated, I decided to do a post on crappy weather food. Here is Gushi. It's literally a shack right next to the In & Out in Westwood. It's located right across the street from the UCLA frat row, which is probably why it's a staple for drunk college kids,faded stoners, or people like me who are just hungry late at night. Gushi's is craptastic! Like all good Asian places trying not to pay taxes, they are cash only. The Korean women that work inside do not speak very good English, but I guess that just adds to the fun of it with all the miscommunication that happens. But for an average of $6-9 for a crap load of food that satisfies for at least 2 more additional meals, Gushi is golden!
See it's literally a shack!
This is their beef plate. Pour on the loads of teriyaki sauce they have there and this can feed you at least 2 meals!
Here is their beef & chicken combo. It comes with salad (not pictured), a drink, & kimchi all for $9. Score! I used to like getting food from here when I was in college & living on campus. I would save this in the fridge and eat it as 2 or 3 separate little meals instead of having to deal with campus food. Genius, I know.

Momma's Cooking
And I thought since the weather is crappy, I'd post a few pictures of my mother's recent cooking. My mom is a pain in the butt and she's refused to cook ever since she learned to drive on the freeway around 15 years ago? I've only heard stories of my mother's cooking from my grandparents on how she used to make her own curry, roast her own cha siu (BBQ pork), and cook all these amazing things. Unfortunately, in the past 15 years or so she's discovered the San Gabriel Valley to buy cheap & good food. So the rare, few times she does cook it's an occasion to celebrate.
Here's momma's black chicken soup. It was over $40 worth of goodness inside with abalone, mushrooms, dried scallops, fish stomach, and other chinese goodies.
Here are the abalone shells after momma was done washing them. She used fresh abalone instead of those canned ones so she used a toothbrush to clean them and then de-shell them.
Left is momma's veggie rice she makes and right is some awesome Japanese tofu that melts in your mouth. It's actually called Super Soft tofu. Word. Good naming folks.
And last but not least, momma's very own pandan sponge cake half eaten by yours truly.

Happy Eatings!

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