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Chinese Hooters

Polaroid of the waitresses at Indian on their wall. Definitely a sight you need to see for yourself!
   Have you ever wondered what Hooters would be if they decided to take off the requirement that you needed big hooters to work at Hooters? Well, here's your chance to see for yourself. Behold, Indian. Hooters for Asians. Instead of white girls strutting around in skimpy orange booty shorts, enjoy little itty bitty Chinese girls strutting around in little Pocahantas outfits. Intrigued yet? Yes, I meant Indian as in Native American. The whole restaurant has a Native American theme inside. My guy friends love coming to this place to check out the girls in slutty outfits and to enjoy a drink. I, on the other hand being the life of the party that I am (aka Best Designated Driver) like to come to Indian for the food. It's the most unlikely of places where you would find good food. Plus, the owner Uncle Yu, looks like an Asian version of the scientist guy in Back To The Future

    Ah! Stinky tofu... the specialty of Indian. It even comes with a side of funky Taiwanese kimchi-which tastes nothing close to the awesomeness of Korean kimchi. I've written about Stinky Tofu before while I was in Hong Kong so click here to read my full description of it. Indian's stinky tofu wasn't bad, but it definitely didn't have the odor power that the kind in HK had. We were here with a non-asian friend of ours and just its smell caused him to gag a bit. Definitely not something for the unadventurous to try. 

    Here's our delicious order of fried chicken skin. Yum!  This, unlike stinky tofu is something everyone in your party will enjoy. Just imagine if you took Costco's chicken and ripped off the skin and put it on skews. Awesome huh? 

    Here's our sizzling pot of caramelized pork. It was perfect- something the Asians and the Non-Asians at our table could enjoy since stinky tofu was definitely not one of those friendly dishes. 

    Next up was an order of Kung Pow Shrimp. Definitely wouldn't be something I would order since I consider Kung Pow anything to be something that would be on the Panda Express menu, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. Plus, I had to  make everyone at the table happy before they would let me order my stinky tofu.

    Next up for our table of manly men was Egg White Shrimp Fried Rice. 

    And the guys were still not full yet so we finished off with beef pan fried noodles. Bleh... wasn't great, wasn't bad but whatevers. I wasn't the one drinking and needed food. I was all good once we ordered the stinky tofu.

    The best part of Indian aside from the girls with Indian outfits, is their Chinese dice games. Once you sit down, you can ask the waitresses to bring as many cans of dice you need for your party. It's a drinking game but since I don't drink, when I end up losing my friends make me eat instead. They think I'm anorexic and look like a malnutrition African baby. Not like I care... every time I lose I get a piece of stinky tofu.... It's great to lose. Plus, since you're at a Chinese place you automatically don't have to tip as much since they all know we are all stingy. So, next time you are thinking of going to Hooter's, try out the Chinese copycat version instead! Their address is 633 South San Gabriel Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91776. Bless the Chinese and their copying abilities. Awesome!

Happy Eatings!

I leave you with a picture of Indian's sign and their menu of owner Uncle Yu with 2 thumbs up! Yes, Uncle Yu really looks like that!

Crappy Weather Day Food

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