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Crappy Weather But Good Food Makes Up For It!

I didn't realize how big of a holiday Chinese New Year really is. Lots of shops and restaurants really do completely close down for business until they have set a lucky, fitting day to begin business again. Luckily, according to the almanac tomorrow is a lucky day so hopefully most of the places will be up and running by then. Today was another dim sum day, which I don't mind because there's so many types of dim sum you really can't get sick of it. Here we are at Dynasty Restaurant in Wan Chai.

Here is our order of eggplant & salt & pepper fried fish stomach. So yummy!! Love it!
Here is our order of baked pineapple cha siu (BBQ pork) buns & our order of peppered pork stomach soup. Sounds weird but I can assure you it's also very delicious!
Left is XO "chang fen". It's basically just made out of flour. Think pasta but with a spicy kick to it. The right is an assortment of vegetable dumplings.
Here is ling he mu minced pig arm, Steamed chicken insides (I don't know what it's called) & gyoza/good old fried dumpling.
Dessert time! And look how many there are! We have green bean cake in front along with a sweet sesame & peanut pancake in the front right. The buns in the back are my favorite custard buns that leak yumminess with every bite. And... more dessert! Did you think that was enough?
Left is a cold pomelo & mango dessert. Middle is a hot red bean dessert and right is a hot walnut paste dessert.

The weather may be super crappy here in Hong Kong but the food sure does make it better! Damn you 80 degree L.A. winter weather! Happy Eatings!

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