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Fabulous Multitasking: I Get My Purses; My Food From the Same Place

My random picture taking in Hong Kong. Taken while riding the tram, or as the locals call it the 'Ding, Ding'. Does it even make a Ding Ding sound? I don't really notice.
I'm one of those people that hate when companies venture out and try their hand at random things that don't match their brand image. Take Costco and Kirkland. Kirkland meats, furniture, and tires? What the heck is the butcher man doing brake alignments then going off to and cutting up my chicken on his free time? Seriously... Imagine my shock then when one of my aunts proclaimed that Agnes B. had the best flowers in town. 

Pictures of Agnes B. bouquets from last year's Xmas in Hong Kong from friends and family. They even are delivered with cute mini Agnes B. keychains. 

Okay, okay so I guess they are okay flowers. They are in typical HK style EXTRAvagant and over the top, just like HK is! But wait! That's when I was informed that Agnes B. has ice cream or yogurt. I don't remember what it was. Weird. So do I go in buy a bag while eating their yogurt? Ugh, it gives me the Costco creeps. It's like me getting my tires changed, eating a hot dog, and buying groceries and furniture from the same person who hands you samples at Costco. But wait! This winter when I arrived in HK, my aunt told me they have a cake shop where they serve coffee and drinks too! So, we got a cake and took it home. 

AND IT WAS DELICIOUS! Yummy! So soft and creamy. This chocolate cake tasted like chocolate frosting on crack. I approve. Give me a bag while you're at it!

By the way, did I mention they also apparently make Gingerbread man and woman cookies for the holidays? What is up with this company?

Next thing you know they're gonna make tires too like Costco. Wait...3, 2, 1....

Happy Eatings!

I've been a tad behind on blogging all my food adventures. To see my honorable Hong Kong mentions check out my pictures here.  FYI, those are only pictures. Captions will only be posted here for my faithful foodies. 

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