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Hellllllooooooooooo L.A.!

(view from Neptune's Net)
Finally after a month of traveling throughout Hong Kong, Taiwan, & Singapore I was finally home, sweet home. My schedule was intense for the past few months. It looked something like this.

  • Early December-Early January=Hong Kong
  • Early January-Early February= L.A.
  • February-March= Back to Hong Kong, off to Taiwan, stop by Singapore, back to Taiwan & then back home.

So what was the first thing I had to eat?

First Lunch Back in the U.S.: Seafood in Mailbu!
Personally I don't really care for the beach because I don't like getting wet or dirty. Plus, my family yells at me each time I get tanner than my usual shade-but Neptune's Net is apparently the place to go. Someone in my group of friends reccomended it years ago and I just haven't ever made time to go try it. And how did they find out about this supposedly awesome place? From the horrifically craptastic movie-Fast & Furious.
Luckily the food was no where close to being as craptastic as the movie. Left was the bf's order of fried clams, shrimp, & fries and right was my fish & chips. Food was great but I don't like the beach or traffic so sitting in a car just to get food in an area where there's nothing aside from Pepperdine University & a bunch of surfers sounds pretty boring to me.

First Dinner Back In The U S of the A goes to: The Boiling Crab (Garden Grove location)
This is Boiling Crab. It's famous for Cajun Seafood. The original restaurant is actually in Texas, but the locations in California seem to have been taken over by Asians. The servers, hosts, are all Asian. It's like the new, hip place to go. The customers, though are really diverse because who doesn't love good food? If you live in CA and you've never been to BC, you've seriously been living under a box. Go, now! Oh and by the way the wait for them is typically 1 1/2 hours to 3 hours. Have fun with that. Why? Because their food is THAT good! Who doesn't want to look ridiculous in a bib? Now here's the thing, there one location in Alhambra and one opening soon on Main St. but that restaurant is really small. This was my first time going to the bigger location in Garden Grove and it was huge! Sure the line was still 1 1/2 hours not counting the 1 1/2 hour to drive there but I think from now on I would be willing to drive further to avoid waiting waiting for 3 hours at the Alhambra location. By the way, if anyone from BC reads this... I remember going to you back in the day where there were no lines and you were just a lonely seafood place with no customers. Now that you've blown up, I want a VIP card or something where I don't need to stand in a 2 hour line. Thanks.
Anyways, here is a typical before & after picture of my visits to BC. Left is what they are most famous for. You got their shrimp, clams, sausage, corn, etc. all marinated and set on your table in bags. Fancy, huh? BC also has crawfish, blue crab, regular crab, lobster, etc. Sometimes you can actually see runaway crawfish from the kitchen according to our waiter. Anyways so basically what makes BC so good is that they have a list of seasonings you can choose to have your seafood marinated in. Garlic butter, etc. The best seasoning is appropriately titled "The Whole ShaBang!" Then you choose how spicy you want your seafood. Yum!
Unfortunately, even for those that are regulars at BC, are so concentrated on the normal seafood that they forget about the other awesome parts of BC's menu like-their delicious raw oysters! They even got the sauces ready for you. Right is the gumbo. I was determined to try it after watching The Princess and the Frog (They talk about Gumbo throughout the whole movie), but it was just okay at BC. I've definitely had better. The oysters are a must though!
Here are their chicken wings, fried catfish with cajun fries, and fried calamari. I love their catfish!!! Wings aren't bad either, but the squid was just so so.

It's great to be home and getting McDonald's drive through 24/7 & In & Out Burgers again. Lots of food adventures back in the U.S. to come but don't worry if you're missing my Asia posts because Hong Kong & Beijing trip will be coming again in June. Toodles & Happy Eatings!

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