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How to do a Bachelorette Party Right!

Usually I'm all for the best of the best but this was definitely a worthwhile experience. Tokyo Delves! Ah!!! I've heard so much about this place for so many years and I finally got a chance to go for my lovely Dani's bachelorette party the other day. How to summarize? You have hispanic sushi makers that are singing and dancing to Oldies and 90's music while making your sushi and having the entire 200-300 person restaurant do sake bombs at the same time. Tokyo Delves is basically a 2 hour show experience. You don't go for the food, you go for the standing and dancing a top of chairs. You're just required to eat at least $12 worth of food while you are there.
The Girls 
Our hummer limo. Lines are humungous at Tokyo Delves, but if you take a limo you get to bypass that.
You can't really see the extent of the lines but trust me it was long!
Word. The theme was St. Patty's Day if you can't tell. 
People dancing on chairs to Journey and music from the 90's. 
The mini kegs that come out. 
Sake bomb position. Now, I personally am a party popper but I still did one in honor of D's bachelorette party. Sometimes I wonder how I have friends with how boring I am. 
Ah... the famous food of Tokyo Delves... You know what? It wasn't that bad! I think because we set our expectations so slow that there was no where to go but up!
Chicken teriyaki plate. 

The "sushi".
More of it!
Our table standing on chairs. The bachelorette made it in the dance off to the final round! 

It was definitely a lot of fun. This is a great place for birthdays, etc. Some people who get too excited definitely might end the night being dragged out by security trashed though. 

Happy Eatings!
Tokyo Delves is at 5239 Lankershim Blvd. North HollywoodCA 91601. Make sure to make a reservation if you plan on going the shows!

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