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I Only Eat Pretzels The Size Of My Head

I don't go to Santa Monica for beach days. I don't go to the beach to drink. I go to eat! 

 Enter... On the Water Front Cafe. It has the alcohol and games to keep the guys occupied, but more importantly....

 It has a gigantic pretzel the size of my head to munch on while the guys drink and play their games. 

I even snuck in my own Arizona Tea so I didn't have to buy a drink from them. Thrifty. If you do go, make sure to not get salt. It's too salty and the sauce that comes with the pretzel is strange tasting. It's a weird mash-up of mustard, relish, meat sauce? Just use the butter they serve it with!

It's a worthy experience just to have a taste of the gigantic pretzel! Yum! Hot and pipping fresh! 

Happy Eatings!

205 Ocean Front Walk
Los Angeles, CA 90291

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