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Japanese Fusion Food

Japanese Fusion Food


Bust out your wallet because this post is a little on the pricer side!
The Open Door is a small Izakaya-style (tapas/small plates) Japanese restaurant in Diamond Plaza. It can get pretty pricy, but if you love Honda-Ya or Furaibo, then TOD will absolutely blow you away. Seating is limited and TOD has some awkward hours. So beware! FYI, they’re only open for dinner. They're also closed Monday and Tuesday. Since Open Door likes to switch up their menu frequently, I like to pop in periodically to try out new dishes. Here are just some of the dishes I've tried. 

 Whitefish with Yuzu sauce 

 Oil seared scallop with chives, cherry tomatoes, and garlic. 
 Edamame Vichyssoise with uni and quail egg.
 Beef tongue carpa with chimichurri & crostini.
 Beef Tataki 
Tuna on crispy rice sushi. 
Two sashimis in one! Uni on scallop sashimi. 
 Salmon sashimi.
 Fried soft-shelled shrimp.
Japanese shishito peppers. 
 Bone Marrow.
 Pork belly – which came with a little fried pork skin on top.  It comes with a poached egg which you need to mix and pour over each piece.
Beef Stonepot Rice.

Yes, The Open Door seems a little out of place in Monterey Park perhaps, even to the point of being a tad pretentious for the San Gabriel Valley. They also have Happy Hour for cheaper prices!

If you like watching the game, then this may be perfect for you. They have a good happy hour, decent parking, and allow  you to store your unfinished bottles of alcohol. I loved how they had typical tapas dishes for the people in my party that didn’t like to try anything out of the ordinary and more of the unique dishes for the more outrageous eaters like me.

122 S Atlantic Blvd
Monterey Park, CA 91754

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I'm Featured on Huffington Post. Take a Look!