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Noodles Made With Crack And Unicorn Tears! Oh My!

Noodles Made With Crack And Unicorn Tears! Oh My!


IMG_1756 Another Gui Lin Noodle Shop has just opened; this time right next to the Quang Hoa Supermarket in Alhambra. Gui Lin Noodle is still in its soft-opening stage. It’s been open for a bit over a week and it seems to be pretty popular. This location is definitely the cleanest location I’ve been to thus far.


Located in Southern China, Guilin is a city known for its picturesque scenery and spicy and sour food. At Gui Lin Noodle, their most popular dish is called the ‘Ultimate Noodle’, which they claim is made with crack and unicorn kisses. Kidding aside, I’m pretty impressed that they really had a proper translation of their menu. No Chinglish found here!


The hillarious menu description. Read for yourself! I was expecting something damn amazing when you refer to it as made with unicorn teas and crack.

IMG_1762Personally, the noodles were chewy and had a good texture to them. The bacon threw me off a little. Towards the bottom of the bowl, it started tasting a bit overly salty. It wasn't bad. In fact, it wasn't bad at all. But if you're gonna say that it's made from crack and unicorn tears, then I'm expecting to be so wowed that I ride off into the sunset on a unicorn!

IMG_1765The Ultimate Noodle is made with Australian beef, bacon, pickled string beans, peanuts, and their secret sauce. Obviously, the traditional Guilin Noodles do not use bacon, so this definitely had a fusion twist to it.

IMG_1774The dishes are customizable. You can choose whether you want to have the dish spicy or not, which is good for those that like the flavor, but can’t handle the spice. A tad disappointing though was the fact that none of their noodle dishes were really spicy. I think they are afraid that people can’t handle spicy so they put the chili oil and chili sauce on the side.

IMG_1769They also have Guilin appetizers (choose 3 for $3.99).  The most popular ones seemed to be the Spicy Beef, Shredded Tofu, and Spicy Pork Ear.


IMG_1767Right now everyone gets a complimentary herbal tea during their soft opening!


They also have set meals as well.

Happy Eatings!


1261 E. Valley Blvd. Alhambra, CA 91801, (626) 289-9688


Ramen Festival Coming on 3/29 and 3/30!

Ramen Festival Coming on 3/29 and 3/30!

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