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Pre-Thanksgiving Meal

Finding good asian food in the San Fernando Valley where I live is almost downright impossible. Getting to a decent Vietnamese restaurant takes at least 15 minutes of driving. It was to my surprise then that my friend found a tiny hole in the wall Japanese place that was pretty cheap and delicious! 1/2 off sushi all the time! They even have omakase for $35. Hello Tatsuki! 

 Look at their awesome tea cups! How can you not love this place?
 Fatty Tuna
 Squid Roll. This was delicious. They cut the squid so thin that it wasn't chewy at all! Must order!
 Yellowtail belly
 Firecracker Roll. There's some tempura inside the avocado. Delicious. It was fried really well. 
Sweet shrimp. I love sweet shrimp. I like it more when they take the head and make it into a soup instead. I ate the brains and everything of course while my friends stared in horror. They were good sports for attempting to eat it though. 

I've always driven past this place. I was so surprised by how fresh their sushi was! We only ordered off the 1/2 off menu. 3 people and the bill came out to around $48. Thanks for the treat from my besties. I'm so glad we found it because I'll definitely be going more often. They're not authentic of course like Sasabune, my favorite place but then again Sasabune is a place you can afford to go to about once a year. I am happy to report though that I bought some restaurant.com coupons for Sasabune and will be visiting them soon to use them! Tatsuki is at 21630 Ventura Blvd. Woodland HillsCA 91364. 

Happy Eatings!

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