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Shake Shack, Ramen, Cannolis

Shake Shack, Ramen, Cannolis


As my short trip to Boston came to an end, I had a few more opportunities to do some snacking and hanging out with my nephew. Hanging out is code word for eating in case you haven't noticed yet!

Question: What's my typical breakfast in Boston? Answer: These bad baby cannolis from Maria's Pastry Shop! My sister picks up a box for me every other day. I dust the box real quickly!

IMG_8937Pastries, pastries, pastries. Paris Baguette is located right in H Mart, a snazzy, Korean supermarket.IMG_8942The sweets and pastries at Paris Baguette looked amazing, but the real winner was their Almond Velvet Ice Tea that stole the show. It was so good that I ordered 2! Lightly sweetened iced tea topped with velvety almond cream. You need to go out and get this now! I don't even like Almond and I loved this drink! Mmmm... I'm drooling just thinking about this. 

IMG_8947The next million dollar question was what to order for lunch? My sister suggested Sapporo Ramen. I'm pretty picky when it comes to ramen and honestly, my sister isn't the best foodie so my expectations were pretty low. Set your expectations low and you'll never be disappointed! Ha! IMG_8946I ended up getting the Spicy Miso Ramen. I was pleasantly surprised! The ramen was the egg noodle ramen. The broth had a good kick to it! I would definitely come back. See what happens when you set your expectations low? Everyone wins! Just kidding! Well....

We ended up doing some grocery shopping at H Mart and went off to our next stop. The eating just doesn't stop!

IMG_9048In the battle between East Coast and West Coast, it's always been In N' Out or White Castle? In the last few years, the question has now been In N' Out or Shake Shack? Although I do enjoy visiting Shake Shack when I'm in town, I do think my heart and stomach go to In N' Out. Shake Shack is different. It's very difficult to compare the two. Shake Shack is more of a gourmet burger. The combinations of burgers they have are hearty and filling. They actually just changed their fries too. They used to be thicker, wide fries and now they seem to have the same skinny fries as In N' Out. Never change your fries! Bad idea! Especially when the chain has been open for so long. I'm surprised there is no french fry revolution going on!

IMG_9051Chicago Dog from Shake Shack! Had to get something for a midnight snack!IMG_9045The damage for 3 adults and a 2 year old was a bit over $50. This is definitely on the expensive side if you want to compare it to In N' Out. Overall, I'd definitely recommend checking Shake Shack out though!

I had a great time visiting with family and just hanging out for a few days. I know I'll be back in Boston soon so stayed tuned for more eats if you're planning on visiting Boston any time soon. I still have to blog my Florida trip that I came back from in June! Ssh! I'm getting behind on my travel blogging these days. As usual, thanks for visiting my blog! To stay the most up to date with my travels and eats, make sure to add me on Twitter and Instagram!

Places Visited:

Maria's Pastry Shop

  • 46 Cross St. BostonMA 02113

Shake Shack 

  • 49 Boylston St. Chestnut Hill
H Mart, Sapporo Ramen, Paris Baguette
  • 581 Massachusetts Ave. Cambridge, MA 02139 
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