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Taco Trucks! Mexican & Korean style!

Picture of Arturo's Taco Truck lcoated at Bellevue Drive and Fair Oaks Ave in Pasadena, 91105

If you haven't noticed by now, I do not discriminate. Good food is good food. So when I was told there was an amazing Taco Truck in Pasadena called Arturo's Taco Truck I knew I had to go. So there's been this whole Food Truck Mania in Los Angeles this past year mainly because of the infamous Koji Taco Truck, which I will talk about as well below. Side note, there's even a bahn mi (Vietnamese sandwich) Truck that was started by UCLA students, which I've yet to try. Side side note, my dinner tonight is bahn mi. Yum!

Jeff & I got the Al Pastor & the Busche tacos. They were amazing. These pictures are making me salivate as I'm writing this. I definitely liked this place way more than Kogi. Okay so onto the Kogi Taco Truck...
What to say? They definitely have a really good PR Team. They got onto the whole Twitter bandwagon to let everyone know where they are and when. Are they good? Yes. Are they great? Meh... maybe. But are they worth the long wait? No. Did I still wait like an idiot since I've followed it about 3 times in the past year? Yes. Don't judge me. I may be a hypocrite but I like food. Deal with it.
Here is their burrito. Not worth it. Their tacos are way better. They're not bad. Just a waste of stomach space. If you're trying to save moolah though, this will fill you up.
Yum. Kogi's pork tacos.

Kogi also has daily specials where they have random dishes the chef wants to try out for the night. That changes day to day. As for the Mexican vs. Korean tacos debate, I think Arturo's wins hands down. There's never a line. They don't drive off to another location and make you check twitter to see when they will arrive. Their tacos are amazing. I'd venture to say best I've ever had. I want to take my mom here but she doesn't go out past 6 because it's too dark. ARTURO'S, te amo!

Happy Eatings!

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