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The Last Supper

(Here is a picture of roasted baby chicks. They are extremely hard to find. You can sometimes find them in Chiu Chow places. I zoomed in to make it bigger but they are extremely tiny. They taste better than quails!)

It has come time to say good bye to Hong Kong again. Bye Bye Hong Kong. See you in a few months! Thank you for your wonderful New Year markets, shopping, superstions, and of course delicious food!

Hara Sakazuki! I know I've posted on this place before, but it's just too delicious! Above is their salad & pumpkin. 
Tuna & Green Onion Chirashi with udon & steamed tofu.
sashimi platter!

Wow that sure was a lot of food. But of course that wasn't enough. Off to Anytime, yet again. One of my food staples in HK.
This is their Har Lam Chicken Lunch Set. Comes with Har Lam flavored chicken and chicken flavored rice and soup. Those 3 sauces on the right are all for the chicken. Chili, garlic, yum! 
What's better than Lobster Bisque in a bread bowl? Soup in a pastry that melts in your mouth! 
This is their Thai Beef Salad. 
And then it was Dinner Time...
Left is 2 huge salmon heads. Super tasty! Right is a variety of different Chinese breakfast donuts.
Goose feet. It's not my thing but I figured I should take a picture anyways. I don't like chicken feet so I just assumed I wouldn't like goose either. There's just something about eating an animals toes along with fingernails/claws that I just can't do.
  Bakery in Wan Chai. My mom has been raving about this bread forever. She used to eat it as lunch when she worked in HK back in the day. The guy who made it immigrated to Canada and recently came back to HK to make this bread again. And it's delicious! It's like a delicious Krispy Kreme Donut but better because it has no glaze and less sugar!

Fruits are a very important part of our dinners in Hong Kong. No one leaves the table without their fruit. They organize the fruit by color. Talk about OCD.
Left is some delicious tomatoes from Taiwan. They are so sweet and good. Taiwanese usually eat their tomatoes as fruits but these particular ones are definitely not for a salad. My aunt hand carried them back from Taiwan. Super good! Right is a picture of the passionfruit my mom was eating.
Left is some cherrymoya and right is some dragon fruit that had been precut for us. They have purple and white kinds. I like eating the white kind so that the color doesn't get all over the place. 
Here is some fresh, delicious 奶牛果 that my grandma's friend hand carried back from Vietnam. I don't know what the english is for it but these fruits taste like milk. They can also be found in the Philippines. In L.A., we can only find them frozen at the supermarkets. Boo.

She also brought back these awesome cakes from Vietnam. Pandang flavored cakes. They were so good. So much better than my previous favorite place in L.A. This definitely calls for another trip to Vietnam soon!

Hope you enjoyed all my Hong Kong posts. Tomorrow I'm off to Taiwan & Singapore for more eating before i return to L.A. I'll be taking lots of food pictures no worries, but I probably won't have time to upload until I get back. Toodles & Happy Eatings!

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