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Best Food At Disneyland (non-sit down)

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Sure Disneyland may be fun and exciting for all the rides and the fireworks display, but people seem to forget about the food. Here's a list of the best food in Disneyland (non including the sit down restaurants). Unfortunately, I was so hungry that I didn't take a picture of everything we had.
Item 1: Dole Pineapple Whip Float from the Tikki Hut.
The hut is actually sponsored by Dole. It's amazing. It's actually the best part of going to Disneyland. The pineapple juice is topped with Pineapple flavored ice cream with a cherry on top. Sure, it was freezing at 8:30 PM but the line was still really long.

Item 2: Mickey Mouse Head Pretzels
Sure, it seems a little gruesome to bite Mickey's head off but it's super good. Pretty expensive $4 salt pretzels. They also very cleverly make it super salty so that you have to buy a drink from them too. Sneaky....
Item 3: Turkey Legs
Here's a picture of the massive turkey leg you can get for $7. Think Fred Flintstone. It's super good though! This will fill you up and you can hold it between rides!

Item 4: Gumbo

Item 5: Popcorn
Disney popcorn is loaded with salt and butter. It's super good but so salty you have to buy a drink to wash it all down.

Item 6: Frozen lemonade

And as you all should know, the best best food at Disneyland would be at Club 33. Club 33 is a private club that is hidden in the New Orleans Square in Disneyland. Although finding the club is hard, getting into the club is an even more difficult feat - With a wait-list estimated at 14 years and annual membership fees starting at $10K/year, most may never have an opportunity to enter Club 33 unless invited as a guest of a pre-existing member. There's even a secret elevator just to get in. That would be my dream! If you have a membership, let's be friends!

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