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Vietnamese Vegetarian Food

It was that time of the month again-vegetarian day time! This time we went to Veggie Life at 9324 Garvey Ave. South El Monte, 91733. You don't have to be vegetarian to check out this place. If you ever just want a break and want to eat healthier, then you can check out vegetarian places. Their food isn't bland so there's no need to worry. It tastes like the real Vietnamese meat dishes so you should give them a try.
Here's the veggie bi cuon "beef" rolls. Not my fave, but my mom seemed to enjoy them.
"chicken" curry noodles. These were pretty good.
Bon rieu noodles were really good. It's a very clear broth that uses a lot of tomatoes in it. It's not spicy at all, perfect for all those that can't handle any spice. 
And here was their standout dish, their veggie Bon Bo hue. Bon bo hue is beef noodle soup that is spicy. Veggie Life actually makes a really good broth. 

Veggie Life is a very small restaurant so you may need to wait a bit. The best time to go try this place would be on a non Buddhist holiday. Then there's practically no line!
Happy Eatings!

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