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Bombay Dreaming

My apologies for not posting more often. It's not that I'm not eating so don't worry! Let's take a look back at Hong Kong at Bombay Dreams in Central. It's an all you can eat Indian buffet! The waiters are actually Indian. Thank goodness because it's my pet peeve when you go into a restaurant and no one in that place is actually of that ethnicity. It's like when Koreans own sushi places. It makes the costumer wonder if they are about to get some legit food. 

Well worry not. This food was really good. The bread was soft and fresh. The soup was delicious and best of all-they had lots of different sauces that were all so tasty. My favorite was their mango lasso. They didn't make it till you ordered it! The lassi was thick and seriously the best mango lassi I've ever had. Trust... that's saying something. I had 2 1/2 cups just myself!

Happy Eatings!

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