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A Meal that is Painful to Eat

Sichuan food aka 四川菜 or Szechwan as they spell it in L.A., is always fun to eat once in a while. Mainly because it lights your mouth on fiyahhhhhhh! It's actually a different type of spicy. Sichuan food has a "tingly, numbing" 麻 spicy taste in the mouth. There's also a lot of garlic,chili, ginger, and pickling of other spicy herbs involved. Enter Yu Sichuan, a place I've blogged about before. This time though, we got some new dishes. 

 Thinly sliced pork covered in chili. I'm pretty good at eating spicy but I had to try my best to wipe off the chili but even then it was still spicy. 
 Here was our  vegetarian sampler, with wood ear (a fungus), braised eggplant, and cucumber. Yum! But damn, spicy!!
 Our spicy bean sprouts! Koreans would love this! 
 Spicy cold chicken. My mouth was on fire!
 Here was our order of mild dan dan noodles. Of course even mild at this place was the equivalent of burning your insides. 
 Here was the only non spicy thing they had. Salt & peppered pork intestine soup with noodles. This was yummy. Too bad after awhile everything started to taste spicy. I ended up dunking everything else in this soup trying to wash off the chili. It didn't help much though. 
 My sister & I both ordered 2 drinks each and that still wasn't enough. 
Look at all that chili & oil floating on the surface. This place does not mess around!

Our meal was quite delicious though despite the fact our mouths were on fire. My sister had tears in her eyes & couldn't feel her tongue the rest of the night!

If you are brave enough, go check it out!
Happy Burning & Happy Eatings! 

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