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Cheap Chinese Food & A Trip To Vegas!

Do you ever want to look awesome by treating a whole bunch of people to dinner and paying almost nothing for the meal? Look no further than Lincoln Plaza Garden. It's located in a really shady "hotel" that is infested with really rude Chinese people that just chill there and wait for huge tour buses to pick them up and take them shopping and/or to Vegas. But-if you look past those crazy details and walk into this place, you get to experience awesome food at outrageously cheap prices! They have a special menu, which may sound super sketchy but has really good deals. They also hang a really big sign with all the deals. The trick is to just order from the special menu!

But before we start, we get free traditional Chinese soup that has taken many hours/days to brew. Yum!
Order 1: Baked Lotus Root Cakes. Yum. I'm not a fan of lotus or lotus root but hey, it's good.
beef fillet pieces
We were pleasantly surprised by their Peiking Duck. It was actually much better than the duck from Duck House. They also gave us 2 choices of having our duck. This was choice #1.
And this was choice #2. They made the rest of the duck into filling that we could wrap into lettuce and eat.
mushroom, pork with egg plant
And our free dessert was jello. Coconut green tea & some flowerly thing.

This place has good dim sum too in the mornings. Really cheap, but decent. Total for 3 people plus buying a lot to go was less than $28. Address is: 23 South Lincoln Ave Monterey Park, 91755.
Happy Eatings!
P.S. you can probably hop on some tour bus going to Vegas after your meal. 2 in 1!

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