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Old Drunk Chinese Men Karaoking

Day 2 of Eating with People I don't know = more far away food pictures.

So apparently Lincoln Plaza Hotel offers special dining options for parties. Aside from this place being super ghetto, their food is usually pretty good. This was not the case for their "party mode" though. The place is already small, but literally some genius decided it would be a good idea to allow some Chinese people to have a party with 8 tables. The regular restaurant was still running. All they did for the party was put up a "wall" to separate the normal patrons with the 8 tables of craziness. I was, unfortunately part of the 8 tables. Those 8 tables may have been the minority in the restaurant, but they brought in their own karaoke machine and DJ and began singing Oldies (Pretty Woman has since been ruined for me) & Fukienese songs, while the staff, other patrons snickered and tried not to laugh in their faces. The non-chinese people in the restaurant were extremely confused. I can honestly say I was ashamed of being Chinese at that moment. (Don't worry it gets worse with tomorrow's post.)

Party Mode Dishes:

Half a baby piglet. This was made very yummy.
Fried crab/shrimp balls.
Scallops, peas, shrimp galore in a fried basket of noodles that was edible.
Fish stomach soup with shrimp.
Fried chicken with shrimp chips.

Sea cucumber, mushroom, "abalone", & veggies.
Steamed Fish
Scallop, shrimp, fried rice.
Tapioca dessert known as Mo-mo zha-zha.

This place definitely could not handle the 8 tables. The food was luke-warm (ick) by the time it came out. 8 tables also is a very small party for Chinese people. I don't know what this place would have done if it was more. They were over an hour late starting the food, which may have been due to the horrible Chinese singing going on. The food was definitely better when I went for a regular dinner and ordered off their specials menu and a lot cheaper. Also note to their management: What the hell were you thinking letting people karaoke and take over your hole restaurant making singing to their desires? How do the other people feel? Poor non-chinese people looked super confused and all they wanted was a good Chinese meal and they got their ears torn off in the process.

See my past blog post on what you should order at this place on a normal night (here.) because this place is pretty darn good on a normal basis.
Happy Eatings & run if you see a Chinese person with a microphone!

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