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Cooking 101

So while I was in high school taking useless and unpractical Advanced Placement classes, my bf took more practical classes like cooking. Awesome, right? So I pretty much can't cook, but I'm awesome at eating. So the bf & I were starving the other day and he decided to pull out the Food & Wine Annual Cookbook for some simple recipe or inspiration instead of giving into my demads and taking me out to get ramen. We ended up on deciding on a mushroom and fried-egg BLT club sandwich. I pretty much sat on my ass and didn't do anything though. My job was supervising.
Ingredients: raw mushrooms.

BF frying the bacon

Cooking the mushrooms

Him making the eggs over easy

Our finished product. I cut the tomatoes in the back by the way, which is why they look like crap. The BLT was delicious though and the over easy eggs would pop and explode in your mouth. Yummy! Success!

Happy Eatings!

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Days 3 & 4