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My Last Meals in the U.S.

Hello, from Hong Kong. Yes, I'm here again 3 months later. I'm going to be here for a week before I head over to Beijing for 2 months. So some of you must be wondering what my last meals in the U.S. were.

1) Pizza Cookery at 6209 Topanga Canyon Blvd. Woodland Hills.

Free Garlic Bread Rolls
Fresh Salad. This thing was huge. This is a picture before we put it in a huge mixing bowl. Super good!

I know the Pizza Cookery is known for their pizza, but I honestly wasn't impressed. Their salad was pretty good though and I'm usually not a salad person so that says a lot. It's also pretty pricey. Think CPK. I'd only go back for the garlic rolls and salad that will last you 3 meals.

2)JJ's Cafe at 447 West Garvey Ave. Monterery Park
My mom's friend owns this place but they are seriously the friendliest Hong Kongnese cafe you will find in the San Gabriel Valley. They're also open til 4 AM.

Here's their very tasty salty fish tofu bowl. It's really good despite the name.

My mom is really into their stuffed mushrooms for some reason. Yeah.. ick I'll pass.

Here was my order of escargot. Yeah, no bueno. They didn't make it very good. I guess considering they have so many items on their menu, not everything is good.
Souffle. JJ's makes a decent souffle. Too bad they only have 1 flavor and it takes 20 mins to make. 

I spent the remainder of my days eating at my favorite places, where I am a renowned regular.

3) Hakata Shin Shengumi for their awesome ramen (It's ridiculous how devoted I am to this super far place)
4) Phoenix for their amazing fruit drinks
5) Mission Burrito for their awesome chicken tacos and salsa 

I've made a list that I'm going to post soon on the places back in LA that I didn't get a chance to try while I was home. Until then, I'm going to be pigging out in Hong Kong for a week.
Happy Eatings!

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