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Day Trip To The O.C.

Orange County Baby! I love Irvine. I swear I'm going to retire there when I get old. Good food, wide freeways, not as bad drivers as those Asians in the San Gabriel Valley. Let me introduce you to the best pho that you will be able to find in all of SoCal. Pho Kimmy at 14932 Bushard St. Westminster, 92683 only serves one thing- Beef Pho. All you get to choose is how you want your beef done and any side orders you'd like to add to your bowl of pho. You also get to choose what size you want but that's about it.

Here's my small order of Pho Tai, which is beef noodle soup with raw beef. Don't be scared. The soup cooks the beef so there's nothing to be afraid of. It's actually better to order the raw beef so that your beef won't be overcooked.

Here's my side order of baby egg yolk. It melts and pops in your mouth. Yes, it's also raw! Pho Kimmy can hold it's own with the pho of Vietnam. Seriously it's THE best. They also have the shittiest parking ever. Some 5 year old must have designed it for take your kid to work day.

If Vietnamese food isn't your thing and you want some authentic Taiwanese food, then head on over to Yu's Garden at 5408 Walnut Ave. Irvine, 92604. This place is structured like a school cafeteria. You just pick and choose, and the lady scoops. This place is super small, but they make a mean stinky tofu and sweet potato porridge!

Marianted pork and bittermelon

veggies and tomatoes and eggs. yum to the last part!

Tofu & pork knuckle

Minced pork and string beans
Some really good meat and Taiwanese sausage

And after you get all your dishes, you can choose if you want steamed rice or sweet potato porridge to go with that. Yum!

Happy Eatings!

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