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Fast Food Way Better Than McDonald's

Hong Kong is usually a place of excellent customer service everywhere & friendly people... until you go to fast food places that are super cheap. Then the crowd that goes to eat there is you get what you pay for status.
 太興 is amazing. It's cheap like McDonald's style and has set lunches that are delicious. This is my must come to spot in Hong Kong each time I'm here, which is why there are multiple posts on it. 
But before we start eating, we had to clean our own utensils. I mean technically they are "cleaned" already, but let's just be safe right?
 Look at how delicious this BBQ pork is!!! Amazing! 
 And they also have the best milk tea in HK. They win awards all the time. I love how the ice the milk tea by placing it inside the bowl so it doesn't dilute the drink. Genius! 

Happy Eatings!
Cheers to Fast Food! 

Merry Christmas From Hong Kong!

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