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Hong Kong in L.A.

     It's hard to find a really good Hong Kongese restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley since there are so many Taiwanese and Mainland Chinese restaurants that compete for the same patrons. Well... Mission Accomplished! I have finally found  a small, mom & pop shop that exemplifies Hong Kong. 

Say hello to Delicious Food Corner! They open at 8 a.m. in the morning and serve deliciousness til the end of the night. 
 Are you drooling yet? Condensed milk on thick brick toast! Guppy's has nothing on this place. Yummy thick toast, not your typical wonder bread. It's triple the width! 
 Yummy... condensed milk..... 
 Here was their delicious ginger chicken. Even their steamed rice tastes better than normal 
And this is the most amazing minced pork  rice you will ever have. This is a party in your mouth. It's also big enough to feed a few people. Wow! 

Even their string beans tasted super fresh! You could just taste it in each bite! I was impressed.

I also tried their Macau pork bread. Soooo good!!! They did a really good job on their bread. It's even better than the ones in Hong Kong and Macau. This place is also known for their milk tea. It's supposed to be really good. I can't wait to go back!!!! Their porridge is also their most famous item on their menu. I've tried it and it's definitely good HK style congee.  I'm in love! 

2327 S Garfield Ave Monterey ParkCA 91754. See you there. By the way, the lines go out the door at this place. Get there early! 
Happy Eatings! 

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