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Find me on the streets, dawg!

It was Sunday, which meant it was my last day to relax before another stressful week of classes. So how did I want to celebrate my last day of freedom? Eating on the street of course!

On my way to the little haven of street food in Wudaokou, I saw this guy making some awesome calligraphy paintings. Here's the guy starting on my Chinese name. I've had this done in the past, but this guy was way better.

As I finally made my way to the outdoor food stands, I was greeted/molested with people yelling at me to buy food from them rather than the person next to them. Awesome. 

The sight of guys like this all over making kabobs made me very happy. But wait... what's wrong with this picture?

Here's a close up. Yes, he's using a hair dryer to help dry his kabobs? Awesome. 2 lamb kabobs please! 1RMB each! Yum and fresh!

Then I went next door to a veggie kabob stand to get 2 sticks of eggplant! Yum! They even put lots of seasoning and spices on there. These people were awesomely nice to me. After I ordered, they asked me if I was from Hong Kong or Macau. I said HK. It makes me happy that people actually think I'm from HK. You get a much more friendly response than if I actually said I'm from the U.S. Their eggplant was so good! Must have been the extra spices and herbs they put in!

Then I went over to the next stand to get some tofu skin noodle things. It came with meatballs and an egg inside. 

My friend ordered this rice thing with meat. It was good. Kind of like zongzi. 

And then I saw it.... This awesome place that was cooking all their noodles in huge stone pots. Smelled great!

Looks delicious too doesn't it?

Happy Eatings! 

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