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Beijing's Crappy Weather & My Iron Stomach

I have a classmate that has literally gotten food poisoning almost once every single week the past 6 weeks. He's actually been living in Beijing for over a year and he still manages to get super sick from eating things not only from off the street, but from actual nice restaurants too. I guess I just must have developed an iron stomach from all my travels throughout Asia because I am A-OK-FINE!

The weather this entire week has been looking exceptionally craptastic. Gloomy weather mixed with hardcore pollution gives you this...

Fortunately I was still able to go out and get some fast food. Here's what I had...

Korean cold noodles! Yum!

Garlic eggplant. Yes, please!

Fish on a stick. I didn't like all the bones though. I have difficulty eating anything that takes too much effort i.e. seafood and shrimp peeling.

Look at this monster of a lamb leg. It was filled with awesome seasoning and flavor. I had to ask the waiter to give me plastic gloves to eat this thing. 

Sometimes when I'm hungry, I just go out on the street and pick out what kind of kabobs I want. I usually get a mix like this. There's squid, eggplant, beef, pork, and chicken in there. I especially have taken a liking to Chinese sausages. They have a sweet aftertaste to them. 

I've been told numerous times to not eat from shady bicycle stands that sell food so what do I do? Go eat at a shady bicycle stand that sells food! Here's some Beijing Stinky Tofu! 

Happy Eatings!

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