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Go Organic! Go Green Zone!

That's right. You see the collage above? All those delicious food and drinks are all organic! Yes, even the soda! Green Zone is a tiny, tiny, modern Chinese restaurant located in the Valley Shopping Center at 534 East Valley Blvd. San Gabriel, CA 91776. The owners are really young and are from the same family. Also because it is their family business, they treat everyone really nicely unlike the typical Chinese restaurant in the San Gabriel Valley where you should be thankful you even got seated. This place also has a lot of non-Asian patrons, which is impressive since you have to brave Chinese drivers to get to Green Zone. Basically all the waiters/waitress are the nicest people ever. I never knew people could be nice in the San Gabriel Valley. It's quite strange. This place may be small and look like a version of IKEA, but it's awesome. A def must try! My mom and I like to buy their frozen dumplings to go and keep it in the freezer.
This is their amazing Passionfruit Tea. Free refills so drink all you want! I had 3 refills while I was there. Such a good deal. You should try their organic soda as well though!
Here is their very delicious fried triangle salmon pieces. It comes with their amazing special wasabi sauce, which isn't too spicy. It's mixed so that it just has a hint of wasabi taste. Yum!
This is their grilled tofu in ponzu sauce. I love how Green Zone's has a variety of items that are not Chinese.
They even had my favorite Japanese seasoning.
Last up was their delicious beef soba. Yum! Really good. The mother and I also bought some dumplings to go. This meal was healthy and good. It's not very often that you can find healthy Chinese food where the oil is dripping off the meat.
Another good thing about Green Zone is their location. It's right next to the San Gabriel Superstore, which is a really big Chinese/Vietnamese market. Side note: Be careful inside the market. If you think Asians are bad drivers, you should see them with market carts. They are much worse. No joke. Right next to the market, is Yi Mei at 736 Atlantic Blvd. Monterey Park, CA 91754 where you can buy really good pastries or Chinese donuts. I bought a cup of hot soy milk to go (pictured above). Yum!

Today's meal was delicious and decently priced. It's really a hidden gem in the San Gabriel Valley. You get good service and great food. The best part is that it's organic and healthy for you! Win-win.
Happy Eatings!

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