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No Habla Ingles

The English language is overrated. No Habla Ingles is the general rule of thumb at many Chinese places. This was something the two non-Chinese speaking Chinese girls failed to realize when venturing into Kim Fung, a very ghetto Chiu Chow restaurant. They spent a very long time trying to order their dishes and asked a bunch of questions that they could not understand the answers to since the waiter had really broken English. Lesson to be learned... learn your chinese people. If I have classmates that are Russian, Mexican, and Caucasian that speak perfect Chinese then you should at least be able to order off a menu written in English. Just point dude. No questions. Have an allergic reaction question on whether there are nuts in that dish? Forget about it. Eat first, you'll find out later anyways.

Today's post is on Chiu Chow food from Kim Fung at 128 North Garfield Ave. Monterey Park, CA 91754 and Kim Tar at 964 East Garvey Ave. Monterey Park, CA 91755. Chiu Chow people love using Kim in all their restuarant names since it means gold. So if you see a Kim anything and it's not Korean, you've got an 98% chance of it being Chiu Chow food.

Fried Rice Cakes with Egg, pronounced "Chow Kuay" is the speciality at Kim Fung. There's a premixed vinegar sauce that you dip the rice cakes in. So good!

Just like the Fried Chicken with Rice I mentioned in my Crappy Weather Day post, Kim Fung also has their version but better because it's with tomato red rice! Yum!

This is their "Bok Bia." It's basically a spring roll Chiu Chow style. It's yummy and my mom loves it cause it's similar to Fukienese style rolls.
What's also awesome about Kim Fung is that if you get a dish, you get a drink for only 99 cents. My mom got a red bean drink while I opted for an order of hot lemon coke. It's a Hong Kong thing. The Chiu Chow waiter was confused because the last time someone ordered hot lemon coke was over 8 years ago. Hot lemon coke is really popular at Hong Kongese places. It's good for your throat especially when you are about to catch a cold. Now onto Kim Tar!

This is Kim Tar's "Lap Yu Jok", fish porridge. I'm not sure what that fish is called in English but who cares? It's so good and has so much flavor! Jok is the chinese version of okayu pictured here in under my Shabu Shabu post from Kagaya.

Hope you enjoyed this mini Chiu Chow Chinese food tour. With over 55 different ethnic groups in China alone, not counting Taiwan and other areas it'll take a lifetime to really be able to sample all different types of Chinese food!
Happy Eatings!

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