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I'm on LA Weekly Talking About the DTLA Night Market

I'm on LA Weekly Talking About the DTLA Night Market

For those that don't know, the first Downtown Los Angeles Night Market will be this Friday and Saturday. Of course I have all the deets on all food news you need. Spoiler Alert: There will be secret menu items that only people that follow me will know about so keep reading! To read my full extended piece on LA Weekly, click here! Since this is the very first Downtown L.A. Night Market, there will be a slew of new vendors and food items making their debut. Here are 5 things to look forward to at the inaugural DTLA Night Market that will be on June 20th and 21st.

mama-musubi-ahi-poke1. Night Market Veteran Mama Musubi is teaming up with Chef Jay Terauchi to debut a secret menu item: Wasabi Ahi Poke with sweet onions and sesame seeds, topped with green onion over rice and served on a lettuce leaf for $7. Only those readers in the know will be able order the special dish, which will be limited to 30 orders. Secret menu? You know I'll be there. I love poke!! How can you say no to sashimi. Chef Jay is a personal friend. I know this will be good. Don't get in my way! I am determined to be first in line for this!

Courtesy of Mama Musubi

Mama Musubi will also unveil a Currywurst rice ball made with berkshire pork sausages and Japanese curry aioli. As usual, I'll have to stop by to try one of these. I have to give it to them. They really to constantly come up with new and exiting flavors so that their fans don't get bored! Love it!

IMG_2078For dessert, they will be debuting a mochi coconut cream dessert. I'm super excited for this. I can't wait to try this. I love mochi ice cream and I was told that coconut cream tastes even better than that!

Courtesy of Ramen Burger.

2) Keizo Shimamoto’s Ramen Burger will be collaborating with a new hot sauce called La Sriracha Macha to offer a Spicy Ramen Burger topped with a fried egg, cheese, and bacon available only for the DTLA Night Market. The hot sauce, which is a marriage of Sriracha and Mexican peppers, will give the cult-favorite Ramen Burger an extra kick of spiciness, tanginess, and sweetness.  Of course, the original Ramen Burger will still be available for those that do not enjoy spicy foods as will their Shaka Shaka Fries seasoned with red miso powderand green seaweed flakes.

As soon I posted about Lincoln Lee's La Sriracha hot sauce, my friends started messaging me about how tasty their hot sauce is. I love fusion items and Mexican and Japanese sounds like a match made in heaven. I'm so excited to try this new item!

Courtesy of Paella Artisan

The Paella Artisan will be making its debut at the night market, giving patrons a taste of traditional Spanish flare. Chef Manuel will be serving up Paella Pescadora (Seafood Paella with hint of saffron,), and Paella Robusta (chicken, pork, and Spanish chorizo Paella with smoked paprika). Also on the menu will be two kinds of Moorish Kebabs/Pinchos: Marinated Pork Pinchos served with Pimenton Salsa, and Chicken Pinchos served with a garlic and parsley sauce. For drinks, they will be serving a non-alcoholic Andalusian version of Sangria made with pomegranate juice instead of wine.

Courtesy of Umaya Ramen

Umaya Ramen will fusing Italian and Japanese cuisines together with their Ramen Pizza. Chef Nate will be making 3 kinds of crispy crust Ramen Pizza cooked in a wood fire grill: Cheese Ramen Pizza, Pepperoni Ramen Pizza, and Chicken Bacon BBQ Ramen Pizza. Prices range from $8-$10. This is definitely the most off the wall thing on my list. I won't pre-judge. I will be in line with an empty stomach and open mind! After all, my stomach gets the final say!

Courtesy of Boba Bear

5) Boba and Hookah? Boba Bear, a company known for having a variety of hookah flavors and tasty boba drinks and crepes will be setting up a Hookah Garden at the night market where patrons can sip on a refreshing boba drink, walk around their garden setup and puff on 20 of their most popular tobacco flavors. Tickets will cost $5 per person. I'm definitely not a big hookah person, but I love looking at all the intricate colors, flavors, and combinations the experts come up with. I think this will definitely be fun and make for good photos!

Other Interesting Rumblings:

LotZA Tots will be making truffle oil tots, steak truffle oil tots and most enticingly, uni cream truffle oil tots.

Mwokaji Cakery will be making cute fondant covered Minion, Pikachu, Hello Kitty, and Doctor Who cupcakes.

Munchies Monster Shop will be doing Vietnamese fried tacos.

The DTLA Night Market will take place in Lot 7 at L.A. Live and Staples Center from 4 p.m. to midnight. Admission is $7 for presale tickets, $10 at the door. 
Due to the limited capacity, only presale tickets will guarantee entry into the night market. You can order presale tickets here.


See you all there! Be sure to stop me if you see me walking around. I love meeting you guys! Advanced apologies if I end up with food all over my face.

DTLA Night Market Recap

DTLA Night Market Recap

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