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Jen & Joe's Gourmet Cookies

Jen & Joe's Gourmet Cookies

So many of you may know that I was at the first inaugural Cookie Convention in Los Angeles a few months ago. While I was browsing all the endless cookie and sweet possibilities and taking pictures with my cardboard Ryan Gosling, I came across Jen & Joe’s Cookie Dough. Jen & Joe’s specializes in gourmet cookie dough. You know my interest was piqued once I heard that!

After the Cookie Con event, Jen & Joe's were kind enough to send me all of their flavors so I could do a taste-test and tell you what I think. So here goes! IMG_0572Jen & Joe’s Cookie Dough comes in 6 tasty flavors:

  • Chocolate Chunk
  • Snickerdoodle
  • Oatmeal Toffee
  • Lemon Drop
  • Chocolate Spice
  • White Chocolate WasabiIMG_1154

Unwrapping all the boxes. So exciting! IMG_0577The Jen & Joe’s cookies are individually frozen into little cubes that are ready to bake as is. All the flavors sounded enticing, but there was one that left me quite perplexed. You can probably already guess which one it was. White Chocolate Wasabi! Although I fancy myself as quite the adventurer, this flavor really sounded so strange to me. I mean I've eaten some of the craziest things throughout my years of professional food blogging: lion meat, yak meat, llama meat, deep-fried bugs, etc. All for the name of science of course! But then again I thought to myself that some of the weirdest combinations tend to be the most amazing despite what it initially may sound like. IMG_0581So I popped a few of each flavor into the oven to give them a fair try. It took a few tries to get the cookies just right. IMG_0583At one point, I even over-cooked some. Because there are no preservatives or additives in the cookies, it took a bit more effort to figure out when the cookies were done. I wish I checked out Jen & Joe's website prior to whipping out my baking skills. But after some trial and error, I finally got it down! Here are my tips:

If the cookie looks like it's a medium brown all over, it's actually over-cooked. This is because the cookie continues to bake even after it's removed from the oven! Check to make sure the cookie has a slight golden hint.

So let's rewind since I went off on a bit of a tangent and didn't address the most important question. What was my favorite flavor of Jen & Joe's Cookies? White Chocolate Wasabi! Yes, you heard that right. It tasted completely different from what you imagine in your head. Almost like a peanut-buttery flavor with a hint of white chocolate and then a quick spicy aftertaste. Of course, it'd be the wildcard that wins my heart. I think if you are able to mentally get over that the weird combination of flavors, you'll be in for a big surprise!

The Chocolate Chunk is Jen & Joe's spin on the classic chocolate chip. What's unique is that they use brown sugar, which gives the cookie a richer flavor. There's chunks of chocolate spread throughout the cookie and it's topped with a bit of sugar which gives it a light crunch.

The Snickerdoodle is a flavor cinnamon lovers will crave. Cinnamon with a touch of a tang at the end.

The Oatmeal Toffee is based on Jen's secret family recipe. This was one of my favorites as well! Chewy, whole rolled oats with melted toffee. Mmm...

The Lemon Drop is for anyone who loves lemon and citrus flavors. The cherry on top is the sugar topping, which gives the cookie a light crunch.

And the Chocolate Spice is an extremely rich chocolate cookie with a spicy kick.

Overall, the cookies were easy to bake even for someone as lazy as myself. I loved the unique flavors and I was so surprised by the White Chocolate Wasabi flavor! It was really good. It's so great that Jen & Joe's only uses the best ingredients. It's so important to treat yourself and eat well. You can find Jen & Joe's Cookie Dough at many of your local supermarkets. You can check their website and enter in your zip code to find the closest one near you here.

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