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Where to Eat in Hollywood

Where to Eat in Hollywood

IMG_7612Hollywood never ceases to amaze me. On one hand, nothing ever seems to change, but on the other, new restaurants and hangouts are constantly making their way into the famed city among those famous landmarks we've come to know and love. I love taking a Hollywood walking tour with my friends from Only in Hollywood. They know the area better than anyone else I know! So what's new? And more importantly, what should I eat? Stop 1: Demitasse Roastery and Kitchen

1542 N. Cahuenga Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 498-5155

If you're from Los Angeles, chances are you've heard of Demitasse. They are known for their delicious Lavender Liquid Hot Chocolate and their various nitro brewed coffees. This particular Demitasse location in Hollywood is pretty new to the this part of town. They also have a food as well!

So what did I order? I had a Kombucha Dog Raspberry, which was divine. I'm usually not a big kombucha drinker when I see it at my local market, but I always give kombucha a try when I'm somewhere that specializes in drinks. I used to think that my favorite drink from Demitasse was the Lavender Liquid Hot Chocolate, but I have officially found my new number one drink- the Strawberry Ginger Latte. I also sampled some of Demitasse's food. I say sampled because this food tour was no joke. We did six stops back to back!

Picture 1: The Strawberry Gazpacho with a crispy Jamon Serrano, a quail egg, and croutons.
Picture 2: Vegetarian Lumpia with green beans, snap peas, peanuts, and black garlic.
Picture 3: Next up was a Medley Plate with Vegetarian Lumpia, Crudo Yellowtail, Ogo Seaweed, Candlenut, Rice Pellets, Avocado, and Hanger Steak
Tamago (Japanese Egg Omelet) , Morel Mushrooms, Cipollini Mushrooms.
Demitasse also has great Happy Hour specials for those who want to wait out traffic from 4-7 pm.
6500 Selma Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Our next stop on the walking tour was Mama Shelter. I was so wowed by the venue! The family that brought you Club Med, are the same folks that behind Mama Shelter. It's part roof top bar, part six-story hotel, part restaurant all in one!

How great is this view from the roof top deck? There's even a spot for yoga as well as foosball.

The cocktails were strong and had great flavor. The seating looked like it was plucked straight out of a Pinterest page. They had individual tables off to the side as well. I've been telling everyone about Mama Shelter. I can't wait to throw a party here. I also want to try the restaurant downstairs as well. I love the homey feeling. The menu looked great as well. At this point, it was time for our next stop!

Stop 3: Cre8 Crepes 

6654 Hollywood Blvd,

Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 468-3647

IMG_7656CRE8 Crepes just opened in Hollywood. They are originally from Australia! They have lots of different toppings and fresh fruit to choose from. You can make a sweet or savory custom crepe. As you know I have a sweet tooth so I chose a nutella, pineapple, strawberry filled crepe! Oh my! It was so good. It hit the spot. The crepe reminded me of fresh Japanese crepes. The best part is that they are open until 1:30 in the morning. It's the perfect snack while walking around Hollywood. It's portable, delicious, and open late. I will most definitely be coming back to CRE8 Crepes!

Stop 4: PokiNometry 

6801 Hollywood Blvd #316

Hollywood, CA 90028

(323) 645-7730

Poke has been all the craze this last year in Los Angeles. It seems as though there's been a new poke shop opening each time you turn around. PokiNometry is originally from Orange County. They just moved in not too long ago to the Hollywood and Highland complex in a cute secluded area up top with a great view of Hollywood Blvd and the El Capitan theater.  This new food court area is a little secret still. Not too many people know about it. By the way, how cute are their signs? Pick your Nemo. And Poki? IMG_7688I ordered a sample size since I was so full from all my previous stops. I got salmon, yellowtail, and albacore with everything on it. I even asked for spicy sauce, which wasn't very spicy so don't worry! As usual, the best part of the build your own restaurants is that you get to choose and custom every part of your meal, which brings me to our next stop...

Stop 5: Jinya Ramen Express 

6801 Hollywood Blvd #317,

Los Angeles, CA 90028

(323) 391-1916IMG_7697Here's the staff explaining the build your own ramen concept. Just like any Chipotle or poke restaurant, you go down the line and choose what you want!

IMG_7744I ended up choosing spinach ramen noodles with vegan broth. I added corn, tomatoes, ginger, garlic, and cha siu BBQ pork. This was most definitely not an authentic ramen, but I really enjoyed it. I liked the experience of choosing every item as well as the taste! The vegan broth was refreshing. The noodles were bouncy and fresh. I welcomed this fusion ramen. I would go again! IMG_7743I was most impressed, however with the perfectly cooked ramen egg! It's really hard to get a soft boiled marinated egg just right. I have to be honest. I didn't expect that a fast food-esque counter would be able to do it. I was proven wrong!

Stop 6:  Sushi of Gari

6201 Hollywood Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Originally from New York, this is the firstWest Coast outpost of owner. The small restaurant is focused on omakase aka chef's choice. IMG_7810The attention to detail was amazing. Chef Masatoshi "Gari" Sugio's caricature also is seen wrapped around the chopsticks.

The sushi was melt in your mouth. Sushi of Gari does not serve your traditional run of the mill sushi, but rather a more Japanese interpretation of fusion.

Picture 1: Salmon with sautéed tomato and a sweet onion sauce, Japanese Red Snapper w/baby greens, pine nuts, Blue Fin Tuna with creamy tofu puree.

Picture 2: (Front) Blow-torched Fluke w/poached quail egg, sweet onion sauce,

and White Truffle oil, (left)  Chu-Toro Blue Fin Tuna with grated Daikon and Ponzu (right)  Seared Black Cod with miso garlic.
There's constantly new additions to Hollywood and thankfully Only in Hollywood organizes some great walking tours to help me discover what's new in the hood. I'm constantly updating my Hollywood must-eats. Make sure to follow along! To see my previous Hollywood recommendations, see below:
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