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Shanghainese Goodness

It's been quite a few years since I last visited Shanghai. Unfortunately the opportunity has not come up yet, but at least I know I can always turn to Liu Yuan Pavilion in Wan Chai, Hong Kong to give me my Shanghaiese fill. Such a delicious meal! It's been awhile!

Say hello to our drunken chicken. The chicken meat was so juicy and tender. You have to eat it right away though or else the alcohol soaks into the meat and then it just tastes like alcohol chicken-which I guess is basically what is it anyways.

This was definitely one of my favorite dishes. I'm not sure what type of fish this is but basically they took out all the bones and then made the meat into chewy pasta like pieces of goodness. It was delicious especially if you added a bit of vinegar to it.

Ooh another win for the night. Woba. Think of it as a rice cake or rice crispies but with salty egg yolk. Yum. If you follow my blog you know I love salty egg yolk... which reminds me never to check my cholesterol levels. I'm sure I'm on my way to a heart attack at age 30. Knock on wood.

Fried yanxijuan. Fried bread. Yummy.

Hongyouchaoshou. Basically spicy wonton like dumplings. Always a favorite of mine but the trick is the sauce. Chinese have this concept of mala which is a different type of spiciness. Instead of just lighting your mouth on fire, this type of spice just is spicy enough to numb the tongue.

And of course my favorite little peas. Not many places do this dish anymore because of all the work that goes into it. These peas are all handpicked. It takes many many bags just to get enough to fill this small plate. So much work.

And what better than to end a day with wintermelon?

Look at this huge chunk. One for each person. Whooo... I was stuffed.

Great way to end my 3 month stay in Hong Kong. I have a few days left so I'll have to make it count of course!
Happy Eatings!

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