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Double Dose of Japaneseness

Hong Kong has always been obsessed with Japanese food but since the tsunami that hit and devastated Japan, Hong Kongers have been very weary about eating sushi from there because of the possibility of radiation, etc. Then again most of the fish used in sushi most likely isn't from Japan but either way no worries didn't stop me. I mean if I can eat silk worms and bees, radiation got nothing on me right? Well, I'll let you know if I start sprouting extra arms or something. 
Own our little private room at Tomokazu in Causeway Bay. This place is about a medium price range but it's awesome because they are open till 4 am-ish?
 Plus their salad is really good. 
 Grilled fish I think
 Fatty toro handroll. 
 More food.
 Eel hand roll. 

 Green Tea Ice Cream. It was good but I've had much better green tea ice cream elsewhere. 
And of course I had to try the Black Sesame flavor too. It's my favorite flavor. I have to buy anything that is Black Sesame. 

Irori was our next stop. The is the next day mind you! I took a break no worries! I am very sorry to my dear wallet though. I have an obsession. Thank goodness I didn't have to pay. 
 Sweet shrimp...my fav!

 A satay of pork intestines and such. Awesome. 
Eggplant and fish flakes. 

Happy Eatings!
Do you have a sushi obsession too? 

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