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Bàobīng or shaved ice is a staple in Chinese culture.  At Class 302, shaved snow is the norm. Shaved show looks like thin ribbon shavings of condense milk infused ice, with various Asian toppings like moochi, grass jelly, red bean, tapioca, and more.The snow is then topped off with your favorite fruits or syrups and drizzled with more condense milk to finish off. The consistency is silky and smooth with a creamy, but not too sweet, finish …unlike that of shaved ice. 

So whether you’re a Mango, strawberry, green tea, or chocolate lover, there’s a shaved snow combination for you. The theme of an Old fashion classroom runs throughout the restaurant. The inside has school desks and chalk board menus. And for about $7 a bowl, one order of shaved snow can feed more than 3 to 4 people. Unless you’re like the foodettes, that is, then you have to sacrifice for your work. Here’s the damage after ordering all 7 shaved snow combinations.

 (Images courtesy of 626foodettes.com)

1015 Nogales St # 125  Rowland Heights, CA 91748

Pa Pa Walk

626 Foodettes