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Pa Pa Walk

Would you go into a restaurant that looks like a foot massage parlor? Yes, really. The restaurant is filled with pictures of feet. They sure decided to go with a peculiar theme, but hey they sure stick to it throughout the entire restaurant. If you can get over the interesting decor, Pa Pa Walk has a few excellent dishes! 

 My absolute favorite is this beef with spinach noodles! The broth is done really well and I love the the noodles. It really gives it an extra tang! 

 Stinky tofu! I love ordering stinky tofu, but it's not amazing at Pa Pa Walk. It's not horrible either. 

A definite must order at Pa Pa Walk, is the mango shaved snow. Topped off with condensed milk, this concoction is mouth watering delicious and a lot closer than Class 302 in Rowland Heights. It's not as good, but a very close second, indeed.

Another must order is their 'coffin' brick toast, which is filled with soup. It's like an Asian version of soup in a bread bowl! Not everything at Pa Pa Walk is tasty though, their Har Lam Chicken rice fails to impress. But no worries, those dishes mentioned above take the cake. Just try not to concentrate on the feet pictures hanging around!

Happy Eatings!

227 W Valley Blvd
Ste 148-B

San GabrielCA 91776

EPIC meal

Shaved Snow!