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Sonics Trip & Pre-Thanksgiving Warm-up

Oh Sonics! How you torture me! Sonics has the most awesome commercials on TV, but their marketing is tortuous. Their commercials show their amazing food and shakes but there's not a Sonics anywhere nearby. So it's usually around 12 in the morning when you see a commercial and get the craving! The closest one to me is in Anaheim!!! Grr!! But when you finally make the trek to one, it's quite awesome and old school. The servers come out in roller skates with your food and you get to sit in your car and eat your meal!

I got the Chicago hot dog and the New York hot dog. The Chicago came with pickle, relish, tomato, sport peppers, celery salt and mustard and the New York had spicy brown mustard, grilled onions and sauerkraut. I definitely liked the Chicago combination was the best, but the bun got too soggy. We ate it right away too so I don't know how they could have done it differently. I also tried their strawberry limeade which had actual strawberries inside. At least now I can say I've had my Sonics experience! 

Also, I wanted to give everyone a heads up for an ramen challenge on Thanksgiving day at my favorite ramen joint: Hakata Shinsengumi. 

Quote from their event: 

"Official Info:

Give thanks for expandable waistbands. On Nov. 25, Thanksgiving Day, Shin-Sen-Gumi in Fountain Valley will host a ramen challenge.

Ten bucks gets you a standard bowl of ramen with unlimited servings of extra noodles. Men that finish six servings of extra noodles in 45 minutes get their ramen for free. Women must finish four servings of extra noodles within the time limit for their meal to be comped. The challenger who slurps up the most servings of extra noodles throughout the day wins a $50 gift certificate."

Is it promoting obesity in the US? Yes! But hey, it's also helping the economy. If every person that goes buys a pair of expandable pants, then all would be right in the world.

Happy Eatings! 

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