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How I do Pho

I'm a Vietnamese food snob. Regular pho has never done it for me. I'm a snob and I only take Pho Bac-Northern Pho aka Pho using Filet Mignon. I like my beef pho raw where I cook it in the both slowly. I like my beef balls and tripe to go with my pho. I rarely ever ever ever-order pho if it's not filet mignon. The soup is light and flavorful. 

 Here's their #14. 
 Here is my bahn xeo- Vietnamese fried pancake. Rice flour, fatty pork, shrimp, diced green onion, and bean sprouts. Southern-styled banh xeo contains coconut milk and certain Central region skips the turmeric powder altogether. 
One of my favorite fruits is soursop and they had it as a milkshake here. It tastes like pineapple and citrus and a pina colada flavor. 

Overall, I think the filet mignon pho was decent but my favorite place for that is still Pho Kimmy in Garden Grove. 

If you want to try this pho, you can go to Pho Filet at 9463 Garvey Ave South El Monte, CA 91733.

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