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Taiwan Trip Continued... Back to Taipei from Taichung

(Old School grinder and door)
So at this point we were back in Taipei meaning that Grandma could finally have her "real" Taiwanese food. Whatever that actually means. SO we pull up to eat her favorite Chi Chia Chuang. Our car door opens and literally the people inside run out and yell/greet my Grandma by name. Seriously... I guess Grandma left them with a really good impression or something cause the last time she was there was over 10 years ago.
Left is sweet potato porridge and right is the 3 different types of chicken. You can't see the black chicken from this angle. Darn.
Left is another order of veggies with those little fish thingys. You should all know by now how Grandma take her veggies seriously. Right is my favorite fried pork intestine. yay
Left is what sweet and sour pork is actually supposed to look like. Take note Panda Express! And right is our yummy order of eggplant. Delicious!
And of course Grandma needed more veggies. Left is digua ye & right is some pork leg.
And to end off our meal... ta da!!!! Flan. The mother was raving about how this place had amazing flan. Yeah... it was good flan for a Taiwanese place but has she never had bomb Vietnamese/French Flan? Orange County or Vietnam will also do the trick.

So after this delicious meal... we had an amazing dinner at a very expensive and authentic Japanese restaurant that is very close to Taipei 101 called Peony aka 牡丹園. Food has such an amazing power. Have you ever had to sit through a 2 hour dinner with tons of people you didn't like? Well... I can say the food at Peony was almost good enough to make up for bad company. Almost. But food was amazing though. Let's start!
Omg... how amazing does this look? Our table was of 10 and each person got individual dishes served to them. No family style crap. Thank god cause I was not willing to share! Here's our sashimi. The little glass cup had dry ice making it smoke. It was sea urchin. Yum. 10 points for presentation & yumminess. Bonus points for my mom and grandma passing me some of their food as well!
Here's fried rice with sea urchin. Yum!
Japanese shark's fin. Came in a little individual clay pot too!
All mine! Order of pork. =)
Fried Blowfish! It tasted like chicken. I was definitely bummed that it was fried. Trying raw blowfish has always been one of those things on my bucket list to do especially after I've heard how awesome it is from someone else that's tried it. Death by blowfish or death by boba choking are always the 2 ways of dying for me that I think would be totally worth it. The latter would just be hilarious since it would give my friends somethings to laugh at during my funeral.
Some very tasty soup.
Somewhere during the night, the restaurant owner came in to suck up to our table and threw in free dessert for us. She even exchanged business cards with some douche at the table I was sitting with. She was hardcore sucking up. She told Grandma how beautiful and young she was (which btw is totally true) and told the "businessmen" at the table how great they were. The lady was hot. Obviously had some sugar daddy buy the joint for her. Whatever woman... just give me my dessert. Thanks! Left was our amazing pumpkin dessert. It was baked with flaky crumble-like crust. Yum. Right is my order of green milk tea. It was super bitter but I liked it and I also had some regular tea as well.

Happy Eatings! More from Taipei & Singapore to come!

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