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The Party Don't Start 'Til I Walk In...[the Night Markets!]

Here's some of the awesome stuff I bought at the night market. There's Chinese New Year boxers, fobby pencil bags, & little cartoon god figurines.

I'm entirely convinced that ding tai fung isn't that great and it just has good feng shui or something because there's a ton of places that have the same if not better food... but minus their horrendous 3 hour wait. Take Kao Chi for example-located right across from Sogo. Good location. No lines. Good food!
Left is an order of yummy pork. Right is some xiao long bao. Yummy.
Left was our delicious order of panfried pork & veggie buns and right was more veggie dumpllings!
BBQ pork and fried rice
Taiwanese speciality honey ham with bread again!
Kao Chi was delicious! Way better than Ding Tai Fung. Onto our next stop... Remember 點水樓? Well Grandma really wanted to try it after I was raving about it. So we went back to it and ordered the same stuff we did last time but with 3 new additional dishes!
Left is our minced tofu bowl. Middle is steamed stinky tofu!!! I loved it! And right is the veggie fried rice Grandma wanted. Unfortunately that was Grandma's last meal before she left for Hong Kong. At the same time, fortunately it was Grandma's last meal before she left for HK-because now it meant it was time to party!!!!! Finally get to eat what I wanted to eat! Ooh the excitement.

Here's how my pre-party to the Night Market started.
Baker's Boy is a bakery located near the train station. It has THE best coffee bread that is made fresh every morning. My mom's friend insisted we had to try it. The skin flakes and crumbles into your mouth. It's amazing. In fact, I think I can safely say this coffee bread alone was better than any of 85C Bakery's Bread. Yeah... I know. That's how effin good it was!
This is a pretty well known shallot drabing place. So shallot bread that melts in your mouth. The guy makes it fresh in an oven the size of a table and that's the size of his entire "shop." You can add additional ingredients like egg, veggies, bacon, cheese, etc. We went with Shallot drabing with extra egg and some veggies. Yum, yum, yum! Did I mention this is still part of the pre-party?
This is Yongkang Restaurant. It is dirty, small, and authentic so obivously I loved it! Left was this steamed BBQ pork concoction that was soooo spicy. Underneath all that deliciousness was some bits of steamed yam. Right was our soup version of hongyaochaosiu
And look how awesome their toppings were. Yes the pickled veggies were just in a bowl like that. I don't know how many days it's been like that but it was delicious. So was the chili sauce!
And finally here was their beef noodles, which is what they are most known for there.

Now it's finally time for the party. Where's the party at? Tongyuen night market! Let's start! Get ready to drool!

Taiwan night markets are way more exciting than the ones in Hong Kong. Love, love, love it! This is the Tonghua Night Market.
Momma got a basil seed drink.
Two Peck has stores all over Taiwan and I love them! They have the best crispy chicken you will ever have in your life with a touch of pepper! Instead of the ones you get at boba shops where the popcorn chicken is all batter and no meat, this place is all meat with the most crispy and awesome skin!! A must try!!!!
Next was my favorite-fruit tea! I got their apple fruit tea. Btw, fruit tea is a speciality in Taiwan.
And even though I was seriouly about to pop out of my pants by now... I couldn't resist picking something delicious from the bingtanghuolu cart. I ended up getting the sugared pears!
We randomly were walking towards the end of Tonghua Street and saw a dessert stand. Of course we HAD to get in line. We kinda of regretted it later when we had to roll ourselves back home. Above is lemograss desserts with a combination of tapoica balls.

Hope you are drooling now because that was a lot of food. More to come before I'm done with my recaping! Happy Eatings!

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