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Take Me Back to Hong Kong-STAT!

Just my luck-the one time I'm not in Hong Kong and the World Trade Center in Causeway Bay decides to make a whole tribute to my favorite cartoon character Pucca. My aunt was nice enough to snap this picture for me on her iphone she recently learned how to use. I really hope this display lasts for another 4 weeks or so. Doubt it considering things in Hong Kong stay in fashion for a grand total of 5 minutes before it's taken down. Since there's a little bit of HK nostalgia going on right now the food is gonna match the occasion as well. Here's 王家沙 in Causeway Bay during afternoon tea time.

 Here's some thinly slicked raw abalone with a wasabiesque dipping sauce. One word-BOMB. I love wasabi and I love abalone. Together it makes me think as though I'm eating sashimi during a Chinese meal. Quite the awesome combination.

Pork sliced paper thin with xo spicy sauce... Which by the way have you guys heard that some residents in China recently found pork that they bought to glow in the dark? I kid you not. There's is glow in the dark pork being found in China. I did a short blog on it for on a school site. You can read about the lovely pork here if you're intrigued.

And here's some salt and peppered flavored crunchy tofu. Yum!

Looking at this food & Pucca displays kinda makes me miss Hong Kong, but then again I'll be back soon so I should probably be enjoying food here instead of worrying about stuff over there. After all I probably don't wanna be eating any glow in the dark pork anytime soon.

Happy Eatings!

Gwai Lo/Laowai Approved!

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