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Hong Kong For A Few Days

I'm only in Hong Kong for a few days unlike my usual month to 2 month long stays. This means that I'll have to consolidate my favorite HK eatings all into a span of a few days.

Stop 1: Tai Hing

Cha Siu (BBQ pork) Lai Fen at Tai Hing. Go for their afternoon tea to get discounts! Best homey food ever! I got some hot coke with lemon as my drink. Good for the throat!

Next Stop:
Sichuan food is super spicy and uses loads of peppers and garlic. The type of spicy it gives you is supposed to be a numbing spicy, not your typical plain so spicy it burns your tongue. You can find this restaurant at Yiu Wah Street #4 in Causeway Bay. 
Here is our order of Sichuan Vegetarian plate with marinated cucumbers and eggplant. 
This is a Sichuan speciality. Chilled Slice Pork Belly With Cucumber and Garlic Sauce. 
Spicy Miso what? The Japanese can't beat this with their ramen. This is Sichuan Dandan Noodles with Spicy sauce and Minced Pork! 

This place was delicious, except their spicy taste was not the traditional Sichuan numbing spicy. Traditional Sichuan food numbs your tongue with just the right amount of spice. This place just lit my tongue on fire! It was still good though! 

This was labeled as Sichuan 4 flavored Chocolate parfait on the menu. If you look closely there's 2 pokey sticks on top. Weird... Definitely not traditional like they claim to be! The parfait just tasted like ice cream. 

Next: Tang Bai Fu in Causeway Bay
This is watermelon with basil seeds. 
Look at that shaved ice! I take it back- that's not ice, it's like shaved snow flaking goodness! This is the best shaved ice ever! I love Black Sesame flavored desserts. They only serve black sesame flavor on Mondays so I had to get it. It was so good, I got 2 just for myself. I usually get the chocolate flavor with marshmallows, strawberries, with condensed milk, etc. I need to try their green tea flavor though! This "ice" takes like ice cream. Seriously.... I need to find out where they bought their ice machine. I want!

Next: Mak's Noodles in Causeway Bay
Here's an order of the best wontons in HK. This is a half dumpling and half wonton order. 
Here's my order of wonton noodles. Their servings are really little so I always have to order a lot. 
Pork Kidney. Sounds gross but it's delicious. 

Heaven! I love chocolate so of course I'd love some fresh waffles with nutella poured all over from City Super in Times Square. 

I'm racing the clock to eat as much as I can before I leave for  Beijing! 
Happy Eatings!

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