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The Real Hong Kong

You want a dose of the real Hong Kong? Then you should head over to  63, Temple Street, Yau Ma Tei. You have a Ladies Market on the side to shop at while gang controlled streets and stands give you a bunch of attitude and try to sell you stuff. It's pretty easy to get to just go to Yau Ma Tei MTR Station, Exit B2. Their pan fried noodles are very popular as well as their ying yang milk tea. And the ambiance of the place is truly old school Hong Kong. Even the cash registers they used were really old school. Looked like something from a time warp. Loved it!

 And of course my favorite condensed milk fried toast with butter. 

 The not impressive ladies market next to Mido. Blah.. Mong Kong still has the best ladies market hands down. 

Mido Cafe aka 美都餐室. Honestly not in an area I would recommend going at night. The familia wasn't too happy I was in the area late at night but hey-the things I do for food.

Happy Eatings!

Healthy & Yummy? Yes!

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