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The Start of DineLA 2013!

Anyone that loves food, knows that eating well is quite an expensive hobby. Fortunately and unfortunately, Los Angeles is one of the most unique and dynamic cities for food. Luckily for us, twice a year, many restaurants participate in a two-week period known as DineLA.
For those unfamiliar, DineLA is when a number restaurants in L.A. have a special discount prixe fixe menu for patrons. The menu includes an appetizer, entree, and dessert. What makes DineLA great is that it allows foodies that normally wouldn’t eat at high-end resturant to experience a taste of their food without blowing their budget. Lunches are priced at $15, $20, and $25, and dinners at $25, $35, and $45.

 Complimentary Meat Balls from the Waiting Room. For me, Lawry’s Prime rib is the best DineLA deal. Typically at Lawry’s, the cheapest prime rib is approximately $40. Everything is a la carte-sides, dessert, etc. If you add in a drink, a side order, and dessert your typical cost would be about $70.

The Lawry’s DineLA meal is $45 and includes complimentary bread, salad, 8 ounce prime rib, lobster tail, and dessert! What a steal!
 Lawry’s famous spinning bowl salad.

 Here is the bulk of my dinner. You have the prime rib, the Yorkshire Pudding, and the lobster tail!

English Trifle for dessert!
DineLA runs from January 21 to February 1st. You can find the entire list of restaurants participating here. I’ll probably be going to a few more DineLA resturants before it ends.

Do you have a favorite? Have you been taking advantage of the deals?

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