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Toast Box Goodness

    This is the Malaysian/Singaporean food genius that is known as Toast Box located in Times Squares. It's actually part of a chain store in Malaysia and it's damn good. At first glance, this place does not seem to be the standout amazingness that it truly is. Their appearance doesn't do the food justice. But if you take a little peek inside as you can see from my pictures, there are subtle hints of the awesomeness that is in this place. In Box 1, you can see the hanging fatty wide toast above as well as the huge mountain full of butter under it. Yum! Any place that uses that much butter is my best friend. Box 2 & 3 shows coffee making at its best. I was sad that a Hong Kong guy was making it. It's always much more fun to see a Malaysian man making bread and coffee. They put on quite the show! This guy was boring, but got the job done so I shouldn't complain.

    After ordering, we were promptly given a number to take to our table in a Carl's Jr-esque way. Their paper placemat menu in Box 1 shows  a picture of their famous  Floss Thick Toast as well as a 'How To' guide on how to ear your soft boiled eggs in your Singaporean Laksa. Box 2 is a picture of their Milo Chocolate Drink speciality. Think Ovaltine but iced. Yum! Mom opted for Barley water and Sister got iced tea since their tea is brewed fresh daily. Both were extremely pleased with their orders!

    And then our food came!!! Amazing! Chicken Curry with fatty toast (Front ), Mee Siam/Shrimp noodles in gravy (Back Left), and Laksa (Back right.) Very authentic! It even got the stamp of approval from my Singaporean Sister so you know this stuff was legit.

    And just when we thought we could not be more won over by Toast Box... we discovered their Pandan bread. $8 HK, which is about $1 US, you can get this lovely green colored snack to go. The green color is actually natural. Pandan is a type of tree that grows in Asia. Its leaves have a sweet flavor that is commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking. All in all this place was pretty good. Although I have to say it can't beat actually being in Malaysia or in Singapore, for being in HK- I was impressed.  If you're in HK, make sure to check this place out and give it a try!

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