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Anytime, Anywhere

There's a restaurant that serves a whole lot of everything in Causeway Bay called Anytime. It's the most awesome place ever. 1) Because of their awesome fruit tea 2) Because of their escargot. Yesterday, my grandma took us to lunch and insisted that we go to Anytime. Anytime has become one of her new favorite places to go since it's near her dance studios. They have so many different dishes you can order a new one each time you go and you still won't be able to finish their menu. Check out my favorites from them in my last post eating there. Click here.

Here's their cream of mushroom soup that Grandma got. The bread that came with it was super hot. Yummy.
Here's their delicious stir fried beef & tomato rice. Think Panda Express's beef and broccoli but way better!
Here's grandma's favorite Black Sesame Milk Tea.
In addition to those, we also ate escargot and fruit tea! See here!
And when we got home, we were surprised by more food! My cousin dropped this off. It's a Malaysian style cake dessert thingy their friend bought them from Singapore. Butter & Blueberries. Yum!
And even better! One dessert wasn't enough. Check out them buns my aunt brought back from Taiwan today! The white ones are pork and veggies and the brown one on the left is taro and the brown one on the right is sesame. So freaking good! The black sesame has additional black sesame paste inside that comes squirting out with every bite. And the pork veggie buns are sooooo good!!!! I could eat them all day. And I personally hate taro but the bun was so good even I ate some. So glad my whole family loves to eat!

Happy Eatings!

Keep The Food Coming! Even if it's from CHANEL or China!

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