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Vietnamese Food For Your Everyday Needs

Do you ever find yourself wanting some homey Vietnamese comfort food? Just the basics? Well that's what you can get at Pho Ly Thuong Kiet at 303 East Garvey Ave. Monterey Park, 91755. The food is good and cheap. Just make sure to bring a trash bag with you to sit on cause this place can get dirty! Gross I know, but anything for some good legit Viet food right? Uh... yeah by the way they have another location in Rosemead that I think is cleaner but that's not saying much. The trick to eating is to have no standards because then you will never be disappointed if you don't expect too much!

Comfort Vietnamese Food:
Pho Ly Thuong Kiet's menu only has a few items but that just means that each item is amazingly good. Here's their Pho Ga (Chicken Noodle) speciality. Their broth is awesome, but what makes it really good is the garlic sauce concoction on the left that you dip the chicken in! They also give you mini quail eggs inside and other chicken "insides" if you please. Their other speciality chicken rice also has that amazing garlic sauce of theirs. Even though their chicken rice is good, I personally prefer Singaporean Chicken Rice or Chinese Hainan Chicken Rice. There's a difference in the way Vietnamese people make their chicken rice. By the way if you are wondering why this place has such an ugly name, it's cause the owners got really uncreative or just plain conceited and just used their name following the word Pho. They seriously should have stuck with Pho 999, 99999999 or something. (FYI, Vietnamese people love the #9, it's the equivalent of the Chinese obsession with the #8.)
My favorite thing to order at this messy, dirty restaurant is their Bahn Cuon, which is basically like a crepe with mushrooms and pork inside. The bean sprouts, cucumbers, and pork on the side can wrapped with the bahn cuon and then dipped into their fish sauce. This place is awesome! Go, go, go! It can get pretty dirty throughout the day though so you have been warned!

Well twice a month, my mom is vegetarian for the entire day so most of the time I just join her not because of gaining good karma points, but just because it's easier to buy food when both people are eating the same thing. I'm sure I do appreciate the bonus good karma points those 2 days come with though! I just make up my meat with 24 hour McDonalds later in the night. The solution to spicing up our vegetarian days especially when we don't go out to Asian central in the San Gabriel Valley is driving 15 mins away for Vegan Vietnamese food at 18625 Sherman Way Reseda, 91335 from
Vinh Loi Tofu.

Vegetarian/Vegan Food:
This is vegetarian Bun bo Hue. It is beef & pig's knuckle vermicelli. Usually they toss in some pig's blood, etc which is totally not vegetarian. But- at Vin Loi, everything tastes just like it's supposed to except it's all vegetarian! It's delicious.
This is their House Special Fried Rice. It looks kind of blah, but it's really good.
Happy Vietnamese Eatings!



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