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Hola! Have a dose of Vietnamese food today!
My motto has always been the dirtier the restaurant the better! Look at this baby... if this isn't ghetto fabulous then I don't know what is! Welcome to Thien An in Rosemead. Ah, bo 7 mon, literally means 7 courses of beef in Vietnamese. Love it! 7 ways to have beef. Unfortunately, we didn't get all 7 ways. 

 Raw beef slices were the first to be brought out to the table!
 The different sauces!
 Raw shrimp!
 Egg rolls!
 My mother cooking my food! Seriously... muahaha it's me being spoiled. 
 Beef in grape leaf I believe. This is one of the courses of beef. One of the seven. 
 And here was our main dish: baked catfish! Honestly I've never had catfish in Vietnam but this is what I have all the time in the US of the A. 
Close up of that fabulous meat!

Tien An is known for their 7 courses of beef. They even have a shop in Westminster for all the folks near the Orange Country area. Yum!

Happy Eatings!

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