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Exotic Foods 101: Alligator and Snake Edition

(In line for snake & rabbit and alligator and pork hot dogs with the boyfriend. The line went all the way out the door.) 

So if you haven't noticed by now, I have a slight obsession with food. I have a very, very long list of must-try restaurants that just keeps getting longer and longer. BUT-luckily I recently was able to check one of those restaurants off my list. Meet Wurstküche- A German hot dog place that is also a bar. It's most famous as a LA hipster joint since it's located in the Arts District. You must be thinking hot dogs? What's the big deal? Well, I braved the 40 min. drive to try Alligator  & Pork hot dog and a Rabbit and Snake hot dog. 

Excited me! 
Nom, Nom. So how it works is first-you order that type of sausage you want. Don't worry they have normal ones too. My friends got veggie hot dogs. Then, you choose your 2 toppings such as spicy peppers or bell peppers. 
Close up of my hot dogs. 
But the most famous dish here was supposed to be the truffle fries, which we thought were just okay. It did smell very good though!

The alligator tasted like beef and the snake just tasted normal to me. I definitely enjoyed the snake more. 

Exotic Foods 101! Would you do try it?

Happy Eatings!

You can try it at 800 E 3rd St. Los AngelesCA 90013

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