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More Vietnamese Amazingness

Remember my baked catfish post the other day (here) where I wrote about how the new Phong Dinh was not anywhere close to the old, dinky one down the street? Well here's the pictures from my visit at the original, old location.
I started off with a 3 colored ice Vietnamese drink. There's red bean, coconut milk, and some green tapoica inside. Yum!
Here's the waiter cutting up our catfish. This catfish had onions and a bunch of other yummy seasonings stuffed in it, unlike the catfish at the new Phong Dinh. So so good!
In addition to their awesome baked catfish, they also have set menus. There's beef fillets and salted fish in hot pot.

Here's some sweet & sour fish soup loaded with tomatoes, veggies, & pineapple.

Here's the chicken salad and egg rolls that are part of the set meal too.

By the way the pictures are taken super far because I was trying to be conspicuous while taking these pictures at a dinner with random people I didn't know. The place maybe a little dinky, but food is yummy. If you're going to visit Phong Dinh, make sure to go to the old one at 2643 San Gabriel Blvd. Rosemead.

Happy Eatings!

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