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"American" Food Goodness

Today's post is gonna be a good old "American" post by reviewing 3 different places. I have to start with the best of the best which would have to be the heavenly place known as Father's Office and then the other 2 places are more FYI aka not very important. So if you have a short attention span just pay attention to the first part of this post.

Place #1: Father's Office. There are a few Father's Offices. We went to the one in Santa Monica located at 1018 Montana Ave. Santa Monica, 90403. There's also one nearby in Culver City. I've heard that their burgers are to die for. Burgers will never be the same after I've had an Office Burger from Father's Office so despite the fact that they were a very small place with very bad metered parking, I knew I had to go... for research's sake, of course. Well the boys wanted to go because of the burger and the beer. Apparently they have some of the best beer on tap, which I didn't really care about but I guess for all you drinkers you can come have an amazing burger and a drink.
We went at a really good time. We got there around 4 and there were just enough seats for us. Once we were seated, the lines went out the door. When you walk in, there's a guy that checks your ID at the door. He actually turned away a family who brought a kid with them because he wasn't 21. I thought it was weird that they didn't let them in since it was obvious his parents were with him. Shrugs. Couldn't they have just ordered their burgers to go or something? Here's a picture of their fries. Left is their sweet potato fries, which we didn't get. Sad face. =[ We got the regular really thin fries on the right, which came with tartar sauce. I was really sad we didn't get the potato fries. One reason was that we were extremely sad at how high our bill was. Just our burger was $12.50 and fries were $2.50. Ouch I know. Factor in the .75 cents for the meter and gas to get to Santa Monica. This burger better be worth it!
Oh and it was... Here's a picture before chowing down on our burgers. There were 5 of us. We each got an office burger. Your fingers actually smell like caramelized onions afterwards. It's amazing.
Here's a picture of my boyfriend Jeffy taking his first bite of his rare done Office Burger. He likes all his meat done rare and I do too usually except when it comes to steak I'm afraid since it can get way too chewy if it's rare. The meat on the office burger was so good though rare would have been amazing. I played it safe and got medium rare. They had bottle coke! Perfect for the non-alcoholics in the group.
This is a picture of our friend Ken. As you can tell he really enjoyed his Office Burger. He described the burger as "This is what makes the sun come out of the sky when there is no sun. This is sweetness that makes you smile." He was the one sniffing his caramelized onions smell in his hands the whole ride back. He said he didn't know whether or not he should wash his hands. The burger was amazing and has since ruined any burger I will ever have. If it wasn't $12.50 this place would be my new burger joint. Is it amazing? Yes. Is it the best burger I've ever had? Yes. Will I come here all the time? No. $13 is steep. But this place was really good for one thing. My favorite eating partners & best brother/sister duo Weheb & Rna do not eat pork or drink. Youngin Rna was sad because she couldn't think of what she could do when she turned 21 to flex her new found age powers so we have decided that she can get carded to go enjoy the best burger of her life at Father's Office when she turns 21. Way better than hitting the 21 & over clubs huh? Awesome.

Place #2: Domino's Pizza
I know you must be thinking what the heck. You go from the most amazing burger to pizza? Well if you've been paying attention to commercials lately you know that Domino's has completely reinvented their crust because they have gotten complaints that their crust tastes like cardboard. About time guys! Their new crust tastes like garlic bread. Way better than before! So give them another chance. By the way, this is the first time I've ordered their famous 5-5-5 deal. Their commercials insinuated that that meant $5 per each pizza. It's actually literally 5-5-5 as in $5.55 per pizza. Sneaky...

Place #3: BJ's Brewery & Restaurant
Box 1 is their artichoke dip with chips. Box 2 is their chicken wings and Box 3 is their deep dish pizza. FYI, if you want a good deal on wings, Hooter's has a deal for all you can eat wings for $11.99 on Mondays.
And last but not least, the best part of BJ's... their Pizookie. This is their chocolate chip pizookie. Sure you can make it at home since it's basically a big cookie with ice cream, but it's just not the same!

So I hope you all now know that the best burger is at Father's Office but I must warn you that it will honestly ruin any other burger you have after that. And if you have friends that don't drink that want to flex their 21 abilities, it's a great place to feel special and get carded!
Happy Eatings!

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